GACS moving to full remote learning for two weeks November 12, 2020

GACS is moving to full remote learning for two weeks with an anticipated return to in-person learning on Monday, November 30th. Teachers are preparing students today for learning at home, which we have been practicing all year with our Flipped Fridays!

Lessons will continue through Seesaw and Google Classroom as they have for the Flipped Fridays.

All Chromebooks, student items, etc. should go home today for the next two weeks. If your child forgets something at school, please call your child’s school to make arrangements for pickup.

We are taking this proactive measure to provide two full weeks of distancing between all students and staff and help prevent any spread of COVID amongst our school and community families. Though we have had only a few cases brought into school we do now have others out waiting on test results and more students in quarantine due to being identified as a close contact. As I previously stated, when we have more students in quarantine and start to get tight with staffing, it’s time to move to remote learning.

PLEASE keep your children and yourselves social distanced from others and continue to wear masks when out and about. We do NOT need COVID to spread in our neighborhoods and brought back to school in December!

Thanks for your continued support!

For more information, please contact Sandra L. Petrovich, Superintendent, at 906-346-9284 or

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