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Knute Olson

Graphic & Web Designer

Knute was born in Marquette and raised in Ishpeming and spent most of his life in the wilds of the Upper Peninsula. As he lived deep in the woods in Ishpeming, the internet helped him connect with friends both far and wide, and eventually, it inspired a love for web design at a very young age. He later went to school at Northern Michigan University, where he received a Bachelor’s in Graphic Communication.

Knute has been working as a Graphic & Web Designer for four years now and joined the mediaBrew team in 2021. He excels at information organization and using data to help improve the user’s experience when browsing a website. He also likes to employ bright, eye-catching design that can help encourage viewers to engage with print and physical material longer and improve retention.

Outside his love for graphic & web design, Knute is a massive fan of games & logic puzzles and owns a decent board game and video game collection. He’s also adept at German after living abroad for a year in high school and pursued his enjoyment of German through college. Fun fact: since 2014, he’s played all the mainline Pokemon games in German, because why not?

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