Abbie Ferguson + Lousie

Administrative Assistant

Abbie Ferguson is the ray of sunshine you see when you walk into mediaBrew Communications! She is the cheerful sassy face that greets you or the pleasant voice you hear on the phone when you call in. On top of Administrative Assistant, Abbie manages the Great Lakes Shopping Show and, plus Accounts Payable! She promotes the Shopping Show online and works with our sales team to regularly get new inventory.

When she’s not at mediaBrew Communications Abbie is busy loving her animals, enjoying time with her husband, and working her side gig at bridal shows. That, or she’s somewhere with a good book in front of her!

If you’re wondering, the beautiful dog in the picture is Lousie, one of Abbie’s four-legged fur babies. She is a tiny little girl who loves people, just like her mom.

  • Phone: (906) 228-6800
  • Email: