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This is Our Home

It’s Friday night small town footall games, the fresh coast, miles of hiking trails and over 300 waterfalls.
It’s the growing food and drink scene, the college towns and locally owned shops.
It’s the National Lakeshore with the endless kayaking, paddle boarding and boating opportunities.
It’s fishing on the frozen lakes in the winter and our own “regional holiday” at the start of deer hunting season.
It’s the shape on our t-shirts, our hats, and our cars and the pride in our hearts for what is ours.
It’s home.

Marquette Population 21355 people
Miles of Shoreline 1700 miles
Upper Peninsula Population 311361 people
Miles of Hiking Trails 1702 miles

Our region in Northern Michigan may be small, but the business industry is growing. There are opportunities to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from locally owned restaurants to the brand new hospital. Our measure of success is the success of our clients.

Let our mediaBrew Communications team help you reach the U.P. like it’s Your Home too.

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