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Computer & Network Technician Internship Available

Number of Positions Available: 1 For Credit Student Internship

Type of Position: 15-25hours/wk with

Position Description: mediaBrew Communications is looking to bring on one student for a for credit internship with our company with an opportunity to join our team at the end if you’re a good fit! You should actively apply standards, follow up and complete reports quickly on assignments & the status and progress of repairs and projects. This position must be done in house, there may be occassional remote work, but this a primarily in house job. We will provide training for anyone willing to learn.

The Successful Candidate: The internship can be based around the number of credit hours you need, however the ideal candidate is a freshman or sophomore in college who can dedicate at least 15-25 hours during the semester and working full time’ish in the summer. If a job opportunity is available following the internship, we are looking for a long term member to join our team. When apply as an internship, career advancements will likely be available at the end of your internship.

The successful candidate will already be able to or be able to learn quickly to maintain Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows Small Business Server 2008, Various Linux Operating Systems and Windows 7. They will be prepared to learn and master installation, setups, and troubleshooting of a several generations of radio industry software and tools from production tools like Adobe Audition to various Radio Production, Scheduling, Trafficking, RDS, and streaming servers and tools.

The successful candidate will have the ability to successfully complete preventive, on-going, and disaster recovery, backup, documentation and reports. This job requires strong system, data protection, recovery skills and a some understanding of networking infrastructure, with expectation will learn more about each system.

Candidate must be able to or quickly be able to learn to configure, maintain, update, upgrade, repair and recover from disasters related to desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, mobile devices,  networks and networking tools. Ability to or quickly learn to setup, configure, secure, backup, recover, restore, and maintain FTP, Web (Intranet Servers IIS and Apache), Vendor-specific server-client software/tools, databases (MS SQL and MySql), and maintain email server, streaming server, and audio archive server will be required.  A variety of cloud-based systems will also part of the I.T. infrastructure layout.

Ability to perform successful system scripting, shell scripting, as well as configuring Linksys, Cisco and other brand routers, will be important, as will understanding most Internet protocols. Ability to properly configure a secure wireless network required. Ability to effectively setup, maintain, and evaluate firewalls and proxy servers. Intrusion detection duties are included.

Example Computer Tech Responsibilities:

The Computer Technician is responsible for providing desktop hardware, software support and quality service to user community. Duties include installation and maintenance of computers, drivers, upgrades, software and system updates, networking, and peripheral equipment as well as associated operational documentation. The Computer Technician is responsible for performing these duties in accordance with policies and procedures and as management dictates, with a strong bias to apply industry standards with careful attention to protection of systems from infection, infiltration, hacking, and data loss and/or data misappropriation.

The performance of routine technical and associated physical tasks may be required; packaging and un-packaging, supplies and equipment inventory maintenance, and preparing new equipment, assembly of computer systems and peripherals, back-up/restore of user data, installing standard software, and initiating/troubleshooting network connections are a few examples.

Computer/Network Technician will eventually be responsible for the installation, maintenance, securing, monitoring and repairs to all new and existing equipment such as critical servers, network infrastructure, workstations, printers and monitors.  Command line scripting and batch scripts as well as scheduling scripts regular part of job.

Example of Additional Networking Responsibilities:

* Proactive monitoring of the health and status of the production network, servers and applications using the appropriate monitoring tools

* Provide first tier support and be a point of escalation as it relates to monitoring services

* Create, review, log troubleshooting notes and close network trouble tickets. Maintain outage notifications logs and follow documented escalation procedures where appropriate. Work closely with ISP to maintain Internet connection(s).

* Assist networked employees in the troubleshooting and resolution of issues

* Identify how the monitoring tools can be leveraged for system performance enhancement and report showing environment trending

* Work closely with key vendors and escalate problems to them as necessary, while providing alternative workarounds to keep work flow and operations active.

* Maintain documentation of processes, procedures, troubleshooting guides and change management logs.

Additional Computer Tech Responsibilities:

* Performs troubleshooting and repairs on computers and peripheral systems or equipment according to current or developing desktop standard configuration guidelines and documented procedures

* Performs daily review of open work orders to prioritize tasking. Documents resolution and closes completed work orders

* Drive Images, Drive Clones, tests, and installs desktop/laptop computers for all employees, systems, and computers; this includes installing and configuring office software (MS Office and/or Open Office and/or LibreOffice), email clients (MS Outlook, Thunderbird), Operating Systems, encryption tools and configuring and securing wireless access as needed

* Provides desktop technical assistance to System Administration and Network Operations teams as needed or contracted.

* Performs and documents preventive maintenance of computer equipment as required. Similarly, performs and documents all updates, upgrades, and configurations of anti-virus, Operating Systems, anti-spyware, anti-malware, client and server Firewalls, Networking and client passwords, servers, and Network Attached Storage Devices.

* Facilitates vendor warranty return processing, tests and evaluates items returned from repair

* Participates in life-cycle replacement tasking and other technical improvement projects

* Manages disposal process for all computer equipment and end of life-cycle, this includes performing DoD or better wipe on all hard drives and preparing required documentation

* Responsible for maintaining physical inventories, supplies, tools and ensuring accuracy as directed

* Creation of technical and procedural documentation. Performs monthly/annual/seasonal review of documentation.

* Alerts management to potential threats, abuses, and dangers to systems, equipment, data, or practices.

* Good maintenance of passwords as per policy.

* Maintenance of all equipment serial numbers, software licenses, user keys, and configuration backups matching hardware and licensed machine(s).

* Provide, sometimes, remote technical support on many different softwares in a Windows environment

Basic Requirements:

* You should be prepared to become an excellent hardware repair tech and to develop strong troubleshooting skills.

* You should be prepared to learn to have a good understanding of DNS, Active Directory, and DHCP.

* You should be prepared to learn to provide Router support, VPN support, Terminal Services Support, Remote Access and Maintenance Support, Proxy Server Support, Firewall Support, Intrusion Detection Support

* You should be prepared to learn to install MS Windows Servers, Re-Install Servers, Install Windows and Linux Operating Systems and Configure Drivers, Settings, and Security.

* You should be prepared to learn to become experienced with system imaging, data backup, system restoration, server restoration, server backups.

* You should be prepared to learn to install, configure, and maintain print and fax servers.

* Windows XP, Windows 7, and Linux desktop support required, including but not limited to system optimization

* Capable of good communication and interpersonal skills are essential.

Teamwork Requirements:

* Problem Solver

* Wanting to train quickly to be a professional technician

* Ability to communicate and work with staff, vendors, management, and third-party technical support. Self-motivated, self-guiding, self-critical.

* Start by training and working more hours while training and then move to regular 10-20 hours a week in computer, network and server maintenance

* Knowledge of radio equipment, studio setup, sound equipment, and various ways that such equipment is put together with softwaremust be quickly learned.

* Successful candidate takes pride making things work according to good standards.

* Shows initiative, but has ability to express/write up ideas to present for approval before applying ideas.

* Ability to work weekends, evenings to minimize operational downtime.

* Self-improving, growing and always learning to improve skills and improve results.

* Takes pride in the job.

* Works well with others. Can communicate to non-technical people, explain upgrades, write clearly, and train others on basic use of computer and network tools.

General Networking:

* Previous NOC experience in a small to medium operation preferred

* Good Understanding of standard IP networking, and troubleshooting preferred

* Good Understanding of Microsoft servers and OS’s, including, SQL, IIS, Windows 2003, XP preferred

* Good Understanding of email servers, ftp servers, and http servers, both Windows and Linux-based preferred

* Some familiarity with Linux or Unix based systems and networks very helpful

* Storage technologies, NAS, Automated backups, server knowledge preferred.

* Excellent understanding of Cisco, switches, hubs, wireless and wired security, proxies, and firewalls

* Knowledge and experience with Active Directory, Windows Networking, Internet Domain Management helpful as well.

* Ability to work day, evening, or night shifts and holidays as required

* Flexible with the ability to handle stressful situations

* Understanding of most Microsoft Office Products helfpul, but Open Source Alternatives Required

Additional Tasks & Requirements:

Set up user accounts, groups, and network shares. Willing and able to follow directions and request assistance as required. Excellent written and oral communications skills. Must be able to multi-task. Personal commitment to excellence. Must have good understanding of how WAMP or LAMP web operations run. Basic skills with some scripting language helpful, but such skills will eventually become required. . Ability to grow to expand tasks, responsibilities, and improve results as requested by management.

The successful candidate assesses the situation and gets it resolved. No excuses.

The successful candidate loves their job, and it shows!

mediaBrew Communication Marquette Llc., is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does NOT discriminate in hiring on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age or gender and encourages women and minorities to apply.

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