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Multi-Media or IT Summer Internships Available

Looking to complete an internship for college credit? mediaBrew Communications has two great, educational internships you can apply for to learn and get experience in your field! Our goal with these training opportunities is to put students ahead in the hiring pool. We’re training people to be exactly what we’d want to hire. We focus on giving you real work environment experience. This isn’t fetching coffee or being someone’s secretary, though learning how to take orders and manage expectations is important too!

Complete a Multi-Media Internship with mediaBrew Communications
Complete a Multi-Media Internship with mediaBrew Communications

Our Multi-Media Internship

This summer long course will cover a broad spectrum of topics including web design, graphic design, photography, videography, and content writing. You’ll be working on real websites, for real clients, covering real events, designing real promotions, and it’ll all be real experience to put on your resume. By the end of your internship, you’ll be a published writer with real links for your portfolio. During your time with us you’ll also gain your SEMrush SEO Fundamentals Certification, another thing for your resume! Speaking of resumes, we’ll help you craft a new resume and give tips on how to write content to catch the attention of future employers. You might even end up with a job offer at mediaBrew if you’re a good fit for our team!

Web Design Training

mediaBrew Communications manages over 30 websites. We’ve got a website for every radio station we own and then we build and maintain websites for local clients including Marq-Tran and LaFayette Collision Center.

Everything you’ll learn from this internship can be taken to bigger markets or somewhere local, because you’ll learn the best practices for web design that everyone should follow!

When learning web design skills, you’ll learn basic html and css. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of the world’s leading content management system, WordPress. You’ll also learn not only how to build websites according to best practices, but how to maintain them on the back end too. This means plugin updates, core WordPress updates, troubleshoot error messages and more. You’ll receive training on how to create different web elements including proper sizing and file naming. The internship covers design for both mobile and desktop view and teaches about one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (also heavily focused on under Content Writing). You’ll also learn about website hosting and how to create and edit databases, manage DNS, use FTP, and more for a well rounded background in website development.

Learning Graphic Design

Working with the top design software from Adobe, you’ll learn how to design promotional materials for clients and station needs. These can be anything from web advertising banners, to large posters for print, yard signs, banners, sales materials or website imagery. We’ll teach you about color theory and branding and how those things are used in digital marketing through graphic design. You’ll gain experience primarily with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Photography and Videography

As part of the mediaBrew team, you’ll get to attend many local events or complete on site work for clients to capture photo or video content. mediaBrew covers several big events each year including HarborFest, 4th of July Parades & Fireworks, the Boat, Sport & RV Show, and more. You’ll work with professional DSLR cameras to learn the basics of photography including settings, the exposure triangle, and how to capture successful event photography. We regularly do video work for clients as well, taking B-roll to use on their website or completing video interviews as a marketing promotion. You’ll get to use Adobe Premiere to learn how to capture, edit down and product video content.

Content Writing Skill Development

Despite everything above, when you leave us, your ability to write will be one of the most important and developed skills you’ll have. In Web Design, Graphic Design, and even video or photography work, you’re writing. You’re putting words on the new web pages you’re designing. You’re using call to action text in your graphics. You’re writing scripts for your videos and putting in captions. When you complete photography assignments, there is always a story to go with your gallery.

We’ll teach you how to write for your audience, whether you’re completing a press release, job posting, community event article, client services post, or writing content for your graphics!

Writing is important and you’ll be doing a lot of it. You should have a standard high school level knowledge of English before starting this internship. You’ll be expected to already understand basic punctuation and grammar. Not only will you do a lot of writing, you’ll also learn about how to improve that writing through training on popular SEO writing techniques like frame building and keyword research.Intern or with at mediaBrew Communications

When you finish your internship, you’ll have article links to provide future employers so they can see real work you’ve done for clients. You’ll know how to document your work and communicate well with a team. We’ll also get you certified through SEMrush Academy in SEO Fundamentals.

Additional topics covered will include a chance to learn more about the radio side of our business, including script writing, voicing ads, and editing audio. If interested in account management, you’ll get to learn from our sales department and even go on some sales calls to learn about client management. Additionally, if you’re into computers, we’ll teach you about computer hardware and maintenance to get a leg up in the IT field.

If you’re interesting in applying for mediaBrew Communications Multi-Media Internship, use the form a the bottom and include two of the following:

  • (1) sample of your best writing from a college level class
  • (1) 500 word sample on any topic of applicant’s choice
  • (1) sample of any of the following
    • A report from a recent city, township, county, or school board meeting
    • A scientific or technical report written for the general public
    • A movie review of a film released no more than 30 days from application (extended to 1  year during COVID-19)


Computer and Network Technician Internship

Train to become a Computer & Network Technician through mediaBrew Communications.
Train to become a Computer & Network Technician through mediaBrew Communications.

This for credit internship will put you a step above the rest with experience in many different areas of Computer Science and Information Systems. On a part-time schedule of approximately 15-25 hours per week, you’ll be at the mediaBrew offices learning about both computer hardware and software, troubleshooting and resolving computer network or operating system issues. You’ll acquire real workplace career experience valued by employers and build you resume with our professional training experience. When you’re done with our internship, you’ll be able to work in any market you want. Seriously, our last IT intern works for Intel!

Experience With Operating Systems

Internships will learn to maintain Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows Small Business Server 2008, Various Linux Operating Systems and Windows 7. You should be prepared to learn and master installation, setups, and troubleshooting of a several generations of radio industry software and tools from production tools like Adobe Audition to various Radio Production, Scheduling, Tracking, and streaming servers and tools.

Troubleshooting and Crisis Management

Don’t panic! We’ll training you how to complete preventive, on-going, and disaster recovery processes. You’ll learn proper backup techniques, and how to documentation and report issues and work completed to resolve those issues. This job requires you to learn system, data protection, recovery skills and a some understanding of networking infrastructure, with expectation will learn more about each system.

Network Technician Training

  • Proactive monitoring of the health and status of the production network, servers and applications using the appropriate monitoring tools
  • Computer/Network Technician will eventually be responsible for the installation, maintenance, securing, monitoring and repairs to all new and existing equipment such as critical servers, network infrastructure, workstations, printers and monitors

Computer Technical Training

  • Learn how to complete Images of hard drives, Drive Clones, tests, and installs desktop/laptop computers for all employees, systems, and computers
    • This includes installing and configuring once software (MS Office and/or Open Office and/or LibreOffice), email
      clients (MS Outlook, Thunderbird), Operating Systems, encryption tools and configuring and securing wireless
      access as needed

While you do not need prior experience for this internship, some previous experience or interest in computer systems is preferred, though we are happy to train the right person.

To apply for the mediaBrew Communications Computer and Network Technician Internship, use the form below and include two of the following:

  • (1) 500 word sample on any of topic of applicant’s choice
  • (1) example documenting a process you’ve completed
    • This could be anything from building an new PC, ordering and replacing parts in a computer, or even cooking
    • It should be documentation of a process from start to finish (required length is simply just as long as it takes to document all details)
  • (1) example of a technical or scientific report written for the general public


Apply For a mediaBrew Internship

Please note, mediaBrew Internships are being considered during COVID-19 and safety regulations are being followed, however mediaBrew Communications does not promise internship availability at this time.

All qualified persons have equal opportunities in positions at our company, including but not limited to equal opportunity for recruitment, selection, appointment, promotion, training, discipline and treatment. mediaBrew Communication Marquette Llc., is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does NOT discriminate in hiring on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age or gender and encourages women and minorities to apply.

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