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Registration is Open for the Crusher 2020 Enhanced Gravel Bike Race May 28, 2020

Registration is Open for the Crusher 2020 Enhanced Gravel Bike Race May 28, 2020

The Crusher, the Midwest’s most challenging enhanced gravel bike race, offers all riders an opportunity to explore Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.) gravel, two-tracks and fire roads for a day of extreme physical endurance, personal exploration and adventure this July.

In response to COVID-19, this year’s race will be held virtually where riders will have from July 1 to October 1 to complete their routes, with each racer given a digital event passport and GPX-file to track progress. For more information on the adapted race, visit:

• Registration is now open for the 2020 Crusher with a deadline of Wednesday, June 17.

The Crusher
With 30% of Michigan’s land mass and only 3% of its population, the U.P. is home to miles of untamed gravel roads, making it the perfect location for the Midwest’s most challenging, enhanced gravel bike race.

• How Far? While distances vary each year, with options for a shorter route that will take riders all day, to a longer route that may take riders two days to complete. The longest this year is 225 miles. There is also a 100 miler, team 50+ miler with no course markings, 50 mile run with no course markings and a 40 miler.

• Solo Events: Established in 2014, the Crusher was originally designed to be completed solo and independently. With COVID-19 and social distancing measures, we have the unique opportunity to retell the origin story of this event. The 2020 race format harkens back to the old days of long-distance cycling and offers racers a truly solo and unsupported adventure with only technology guiding their way.

• Enhanced Tech for Enhanced Gravel: For the ultimate solo riding experience, riders need to be alone. To this end, the race has partnered with location tracking providers, Avenza and Trackleaders to help keep racers on track. Specially designed maps for the race are available for download and do not require cell/Wi-Fi service for use, while tracking beacons will be distributed to ensure participants complete their routes.

• 50/50 Equal Representation: The Crusher welcomes equally represented men and women with a commitment to 275 spots reserved for women and 275 for men.

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