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GACS Board of Education meeting to be held on Monday March 15 2021

GACS Board of Education meeting to be held on Monday March 15 2021

The regular meeting of the Board of Education, Gwinn Area Community Schools, will be held on Monday, March 15, 2021 in the Gwinn Middle/High School Library. The meeting will also be available via ZOOM using the password Gwinn.

Meeting called to order: 6:30 p.m.

1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Minutes
3. Approval of Agenda
4. Student Presentations
a. Gwinn Middle/High School Students of the Month
5. Public Comment
6. Financial Report
a. Approval of Monthly Check Register
b. Financial Report
c. 2020-21 Budget Amendment
7. Information
a. Sinking Fund Update
b. Strategic Plan Update
c. Extended Continuity of Learning Plan
d. Department Updates
e. Superintendent Search Update
8. Superintendent’s Report
a. District News
b. Board Update
c. Correspondence
9. Old Business – Action
a. Board Self-Assessment with MASB
b. Discuss Additional Opportunity for Board Member Comments during Board Meetings
10. New Business – Action
a. Reaffirmation of Continuity of Learning Plan
b. Student Discipline Hearing Process
c. Approve Schedule B Salaries
d. Personnel
i. Principal’s Employment Extension
ii. Rescind Resignation
1. Hallie Smith – custodian, Gwinn Middle/High School
e. Permission for Trail on District Property
f. Request for Board Approved Student Travel
1. 7th grade science trip to Clear Lake – September 13-15, 2021
g. Gifts & Donations to GACS
1. Donor’s Choose – various donations as listed below:
a. “What Did Grendel Eat for Breakfast?” (valued at $122.58); “Stocking up on TP(T) and Books” (valued at $223.39); and “Some Like it Hot!” (valued at $364.22) donated to Mrs. Hollands’ classroom at GMS/GHS
b. “Flexible Teaching Station” (valued at $500) donated to Mrs. Waldo’s classroom at GMS/GHS
2. TJ Maxx of Marquette – 3 large boxes of hand sanitizer and child size masks donated to KI Sawyer Elementary School
3. Kathryn Paris – time and materials to repair the Modeltowner flags that are flown on the boulevard’s lampposts
4. Various Donors for the 7th grade Clear Lake trip in October 2021 – Boreal Aviation ($300); Ron’s Body Shop ($200); Nyquist Convenience Stores ($100); Christopher Adams ($150); Model Towne Inn ($100); Larry’s Family Foods ($100); James & Gerry Ghiardi ($10)
5. Various Donors for the Junior/Senior Prom – Dan Turecky ($20); Boogren Mitech, Inc ($200); South County Fund Committee ($200); GHS Class of ‘79 ($300); Kountry Korner/Scott & Gigi Nyquist ($200); GHS Class of ‘78 ($200); Brown Store ($50); Larry’s Family Foods ($200); Shear Perfection/Jill Paris ($50); Superior Extrusion ($200); Canale Funeral Home ($150); GHS Class of 2009 ($100); Flagstar Bank ($200); Stepping Stones Daycare ($100); Rodney’s Pizza ($75); Brian Johns & Mary Jo Paris-Johns ($100); Greg Garced ($100); miscellaneous cash donations ($400); Gwinn Chiropractic ($50) & Towners Pastries ($150)
h. Other Gifts & Donations
1. Tom & Ellie Howell – $500 Paw Packs program at KI Sawyer Elementary School
2. Pizzeria Mozzi – large pizza and breadsticks donated to the RISE program caregiver support group meeting
3. Towners Pastry – pastries donated to the RISE program caregiver support group meeting
11. Public Comment
12. Board Member Comments
13. Adjourn

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