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Fence Permits Required in Negaunee City Limits July 20, 2020

Fence Permits Required in Negaunee City Limits July 20, 2020

Negaunee City Manager Nate Heffron is announcing that a recent amendment to Ordinance #1286 will go into effect today, July 20th, 2020. This amendment requires a site plan review for all fences constructed within the City limits.

We have been receiving many requests for fences to be installed and these requests are resulting in home owners not knowing where they can put their fences”, Heffron said. According to Heffron, “Not knowing is a big issue, many times people don’t know they need to contact MISS DIG in order to dig holes for fence posts. This can result in damages to sewer, water, gas, or electrical services, among others.” According to State law (Public Act 174 of 2013), damages to any underground services could result in a $5,000 fine and relief costs for the associated repairs.

Our goal is to help educate and assist in the prevention of damage to any of our utility services and other existing underground services”, Heffron said. Residents wanting to install a fence will first have to obtain a permit from the Negaunee Planning and Zoning Department. Afterwards, City officials will work with each resident on where the fence is to be installed, based on zoning codes.

Utility agencies are responsible to accurately paint lines or flag the areas in proximity of their services, as prescribed by law. “These markings are critical because they will lessen the possibility of an accident”, Heffron said.

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