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Upper Peninsula Weekly Fishing Report – Aug. 5, 2020

Upper Peninsula Weekly Fishing Report – Aug. 5, 2020
Keweenaw Bay: Those able to get out on the nice days were rewarded as both Keweenaw and Traverse Bay provided ample lake trout for those primarily jigging. The few trolling also caught a few fish.

Marquette: A few more lake trout, along with the occasional coho, were caught. Although catch rates were still slow, some boats were getting four to six fish per trip mostly near Granite Loma Farms, Little Presque Isle, the “Sand Hole” and Granite Island. Fishing near Shot Point was poor; however, anglers were marking more fish.  While some fish were too small, a few over 20 pounds were also caught. Fish were also caught at Stannard Rock, where water temperatures were in the low to mid 60s.

Little Bay de Noc: Walleye and perch catches were up across the bay. Walleye were caught near the mouth of the Whitefish River, Kipling Reefs, “Black Bottom” and Breezy Point when trolling stick baits or a crawler harness. The reefs were best at night or daybreak in 10 to 30 feet. Anglers reported lots of undersize fish along with a few keepers in the northern waters. Perch anglers reported fair to good catches, mainly in the Kipling area with crawlers in 8 to 25 feet. Northern pike were active on the northeast side of Saunders Point when trolling or casting crankbaits, spoons and spinners. Good smallmouth bass catches off the mouth of the Ford River and a bit south when casting plastics along the weed beds and rocks in 4 to 12 feet.

Manistique: Salmon anglers had to cover a lot of water to find fish. Lake trout were found deep at 80 to 110 feet down in 120 to 150 feet with flies or spoons. A few Chinook salmon were caught 70 to 90 feet down in 110 feet southeast of the buoy.

Manistique River: A few Chinook have entered the river, and although it is early, it is not uncommon for this area. Walleye anglers reported excellent catches up near the dam spill-over when casting jigs and crawlers. Many limits were reported. Good smallmouth action near the breakwall when casting crawlers or plastics. The cooler evenings seem to improve the bite.

Munising: Those targeting lake trout were fishing the West Channel, near the White Rocks and Wood Island Reef when trolling in 120 to 150 feet, but few fish were caught. Pier anglers also reported slow catches.

Grand Marais: Lake trout fishing was good, with limit catches reported. Most were fishing Five Mile Reef, the shipping lanes and near Au Sable Point.

Raber: Anglers reported steady catches of walleye from the north side of Lime Island in 12 to 14 feet when using a jig tipped with a chartreuse twister tail. Also try between Round Island and Lime Island. For musky and pike, try trolling or casting your favorite spoons along the north side of Raber Bay. Target 6 to 8 feet just off the weed beds.

Detour: Was producing a mix of trout and salmon, including some nice steelhead ranging from 24-27 inches. Salmon were holding at 60 feet in 100 to 120 feet. A few coho and pink salmon were caught 50 to 58 feet down in over 80 feet. Chinook and Atlantics were caught near the Detour Reef and lighthouse. Best colors were orange and white, or gold and orange with a black ladder back.

Drummond Island: Anglers are still reporting a few catches of cisco. Mild fly hatches are still occurring around Cass, Little Trout, Big Trout and Macomb islands. Try 18 to 25 feet with dark red or brown teardrop jigs tipped with wax worms. Walleye were caught in Scott Bay and near Peck Island in 20 feet. Also try Ashman Island when trolling bottom bouncers with crawler harnesses in 12 to 14 feet.

Cedarville and Hessel: A few yellow perch were caught in Cedarville Bay near Connors Pointe in 8 to 10 feet with shiners or worms. Good largemouth action off the new public boat docks on Meridian Road across from the new Information Center. Try casting artificial frogs and spinners just off the weed beds in 6 feet in the morning or late afternoon. For Hessel, yellow perch were still being caught at the finger docks at the marina with shiners or worms. For walleye, try off the west end of Les Cheneaux Club Pointe with a twister tail jig or using slip bobbers in 12 to 14 feet. No reports of trout or salmon caught out of the Hesse. Goose Island also had no reports of trout or salmon.

St. Ignace:  Those fishing the Pine River caught a couple walleye, but the action had slowed. Boat anglers were trolling a crawler harness or crankbait. On the Carp River, walleye and perch were still being caught when drifting worms and leeches at the seawall.

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Fishing Tip: Fishing for bass at night

With summer in full swing, fish can become quite lethargic. No need to fret! For certain species, such as bass, you just might want to tweak the time of day you set out to target them.

Some of the best bass fishing this time of year occurs during the first hour or so after dark. You still can find fish at dusk and dawn, but that first hour or two after dark can be exceptional.

After dark, bass tend to move shallow in search of an easy meal. Target them near the same areas you would during other times of the day while also casting and targeting the shallows.

You’ll want to change your technique, though. Since after dark you can’t see the weed line or other underwater structures, fishing subsurface lures is not recommended. It is time for surface presentations. After the cast, work them aggressively with a jerking motion, making sure they pop and gurgle across the surface of the water during your retrieve. Pay close attention during the retrieve, watching and listening for the strike, which can be explosive.

If you’re feeling adventurous, get on the water at 10 p.m. and fish the shallows for bass until midnight or 1 a.m. The results can be spectacular!

More information on fishing for bass in Michigan.

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