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Mona Lang’s firm hired as an independent consultant for the Negaunee DDA August 25, 2020

Mona Lang’s firm hired as an independent consultant for the Negaunee DDA August 25, 2020

City Manager Nate Heffron is pleased to announce that Mona Lang’s firm has been hired by the City of Negaunee, as an independent consultant for the Negaunee Downtown Development Authority, effective August 17, 2020, for one year.

Mona Lang, who holds an BA in Accounting and a MBA, is the former Downtown Development Authority Director for the City of Marquette for the past 20-years, had recently retired last year. Mrs. Lang’s long list of accomplishment at the Marquette DDA includes: assisting to increase property tax values from $15 million to $45 million, decreased property vacancy rates, developed and implemented a Downtown Maintenance Program, applied for and secured many grants, helped to develop a branding and marketing strategy, among many other accomplishments.

“The role that the DDA hopes Lang can fill would be similar to an acting director. We are starting from the ground up and we know that she can help us establish a strong foundation to build our organization”, City Manager Nate Heffron said.

According to the request for qualification, Lang’s firm will provide an array of services for the Negaunee DDA, such as: Assist in fulfilling all requirements for reporting purposes of PA 57 of 2018, assist in the development of the proposed Marketing Branding Plan, assist in the development of the proposed Community Events Plan, assist in the development of the DDA’s annual Budget and Capital Improvement Plans, assist in the development of the Downtown Design Guide, assist in helping DDA develop a mission statement, assist in developing DDA future fundamental objectives, assist in developing DDA orientation manual, and assist in grant seeking and writing. Lang’s contract can be extended for up to one additional year, upon mutual agreement of both parties.

Negaunee’s DDA goals include providing design element guidelines recommendations to the Planning Commission for downtown buildings adopting a Downtown Façade program; developing strong business ties and relationship in the downtown, including with property owners; developing independent festivals/events and/or assist in enhancing existing festivals/events; working with the City to plan and develop capital improvement projects under the City’s CIP program and DDA Downtown Plan, creating a marketing and branding plan, among other goals.

Lang will still remain on her retirement status, but is able to work a limited number of hours while on this status. According to Lang, she knows Negaunee will be the next location in Marquette County people and businesses will want to invest. She has always felt Negaunee is a great community with lot of potential.

“We are extremely lucky to have one of the best in the business and the Upper Peninsula, here to help with our Moving Forward Campaign, Mona will only help to cement Negaunee’s economic future for both growth and prosperity”, Heffron said.

Questions concerning this release may be directed to the attention of the City Manager, Nate Heffron at (906) 475-7700 ext. 11.

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