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NMU Education Professors Publish Self-Study Text September 15, 2020

NMU Education Professors Publish Self-Study Text September 15, 2020

Northern Michigan University Education Professors Christi Edge, Abby Cameron-Standerford and Bethney Bergh co-edited and digitally published Textiles and Tapestries: Self-Study for Envisioning New Ways of Knowing. They also planned and led an international conference in self-study research in a virtual format because of COVID-19.

The co-authors have been involved in the self-study of teacher education practices (S-STEP) since 2012, which inspired their work on the online text. The book features 72 chapters that explore the intricate and complex weavings of teaching and learning. It reflects a mixture of traditional and contemporary methodology and collaborations within and beyond teacher education. It also allows space for considering the implications of current worldwide social, political and systemic tensions.

The text highlights the central role of self-study in creating insights and understandings of practice for transforming teaching and for generating new knowledge. Contributions from experienced and novice academic researchers, teacher educators, practitioners and graduate students provide opportunities for readers to learn with and from the voices of self-study researchers.

“The relationship between scholarship and teaching is fluid and dynamic for teacher education researchers. What we learn from research impacts our teaching, and what we learn from improving teaching practices influences what we next research,” said Bergh, Cameron-Standerford and Edge in a group email response.

The women presented their collaborative self-study research at the biennual Castle Conference in 2014, 2016 and 2018. A rigorous, double peer-review process results in research proposals being developed and resubmitted as chapters for publication in a book ahead of the conference. The three women modified the 2020 conference to take place in a virtual format.

“We wanted to bring the final book to fruition,” wrote the professors. “Our work as editors continued throughout the spring and summer, cumulating in an international Zoom celebration that brought together researchers and educators from across the world—Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Iceland, New Zealand, Canada and the U.S.

“Serving as program chairs as NMU colleagues was a rich professional development experience that will continue to advance our teaching, research and leadership, while also contributing to the international visibility of NMU.”

Joe Lubig, associate dean of NMU’s School of Education, Leadership and Public Service, is recognized by Bergh, Cameron-Standerford and Edge in their text for his support.

“The three of us joined the faculty at NMU around the same time. As we navigated the transition from public school teaching to academia, Joe’s support, guidance and unwavering belief in us as educators and researchers were shown to us in a multitude of ways. Joe is an educator-leader who puts his faculty first and works tirelessly to create and support opportunities for others to be successful. We are forever grateful to be part of his team.”

The full Textiles and Tapestries text, as well as individual chapters, can be accessed and downloaded at

Bergh is the director of NMU’s graduate educational leadership programs. Cameron-Standerford serves as the director of NMU’s graduate learning disabilities program, and Edge is the director of NMU’s graduate reading programs. S-STEP is one of the largest special interest groups of the American Education Research Association (AERA).

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