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Upper Peninsula Weekly Fishing Report – April 7, 2021

Upper Peninsula Weekly Fishing Report – April 7, 2021
Keweenaw Bay: The seagulls were actively “hunting,” flying low, looking down and searching the waters. There was a north wind, which was putting a good chop on the water surface, so it’s likely that the gulls are having a hard time seeing anything, but there was a good congregation of gulls at the Falls River and other area creeks.

Cedarville: One boat angler was drifting crawler harnesses off Pleasant Point, targeting perch with no success. They were also casting spoons for a chance of pike with no success.

Hessel: One angler fishing off the pier with spoons and minnows for splake with no success.

Carp River: There were a few people fishing off the pier and also at McDonalds Rapids, but the catch success is unknown this week.


Fishing Tip: Let’s catch some crappie!

Crappie are among the most difficult pan fish to pattern because of their tendency to suspend in the water column, except in the spring. During this time, crappie move to shallow water – sometimes in water only a couple feet deep – to spawn, so there isn’t a lot of water column to suspend in.

Crappies like both minnows and jigs. The easiest way to fish for them is to suspend the bait under a bobber, halfway between the surface and the bottom, around any sort of cover – weeds, brush, dock pilings … whatever.

Anglers who prefer a more active approach can cast with jigs and swim them back or fly fish with minnow-imitating streamers. Just think shallow in spring.

For more information on crappie fishing, visit the crappie page on the DNR’s website.

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