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Parking Updates In Downtown Marquette June 24, 2021

Parking Updates In Downtown Marquette June 24, 2021
The Marquette Downtown Development Authority (MDDA) is excited to announce the addition of four new pay-by-plate parking pay stations to the 100 block of W. Washington Street. The addition of the pay stations coincides with the conclusion of the construction project on the 100 block of W. Washington Street, in which all meters at individual parking spaces were removed. Two pay stations are located on each side of the street. New signage will help customers locate and learn how to pay using the pay stations.
With the new pay stations, parking customers can park anywhere on the 100 block of W. Washington Street. Their vehicle’s license plate number is required to pay for parking. Payment options include coin and credit card. Additionally, parking customers are reminded that they have the option to pay for parking from the comfort of their vehicle using the Passport Parking app, which also allows customers to conveniently extend their parking time from anywhere. The MDDA is offering 15 minutes of free parking, once per day per vehicle, on the 100 block for curbside pickup or a quick errand. Customers will need to choose the 15 minutes free option on the pay station and enter their license plate number.
The new Luke II pay stations have many benefits that will make parking on the 100 block of W. Washington Street convenient for parking customers. These pay stations are engineered for long life and are built for regions like the Upper Peninsula because they are hardwired and heated. Another benefit is that they will make snow removal more efficient because they require less sidewalk space and will help improve pedestrian traffic flow. When parking on the 100 block, you will always be within sight of at least one pay station, and one will likely be on the way to your destination.
According to MDDA Executive Director, Rebecca Finco, “These pay stations will be much more reliable than the individual parking meters that we are currently phasing out. They will also give parking customers more flexibility in their parking choices. With a daily opportunity to utilize free 15 minute parking, we are looking to better meet the needs of both parking customers and businesses with quick in-and-out services.”
This is the first phase of a larger district-wide replacement plan that will see additional pay stations installed throughout downtown over the next year and a half.
For more information on current parking updates in Downtown Marquette, please contact Rebecca Finco, Marquette Downtown Development Authority Executive Director at (906) 228-9475, extension 103 or by email at For information on general parking in Downtown Marquette, please contact Sarah Trumbley, Marquette Downtown Development Authority Parking and Operations Manager at (906) 228-9475, ex 101 or

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