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Upper Peninsula Weekly Fishing Report – March 2, 2022

Little Bay de Noc: Areas of heavy fishing pressure were between the first and center reef, out in front of Gladstone fishing pier and areas out of the Ford River. Saunders Point produced mostly undersized fish. Smaller numbers of anglers were fishing by the Escanaba River, although most reported very little success. Walleye anglers were fishing out in front of the Gladstone fishing pier and had some success harvesting some nice walleye. Fishing out of the Ford River had been slow but some respectably sized walleye were caught. Anglers reported marking multiple schools of fish throughout the day but struggled to get commitment. Perch angling reports had been mixed. Those that ventured into deeper parts of the bay reported limited numbers, but the perch size had been very respectable. Anglers fishing shallower depths had been sorting through small fish but were make more contacts. Some area perch anglers concentrated in areas between first and center reef, mud flats, just north of Kipling and at the head of the bay.

Keweenaw Bay: Anglers who braved some of the fast winds and snow found a few whitefish, lake trout and the occasional lake herring and burbot. More and more anglers found their way out onto ice closer to Pequaming. Anglers in this area were fishing for lake trout mostly and were successful. In depths from 100 feet to 290 feet, anglers were finding lake trout of all sizes. Anglers used a mix of natural and artificial bait to catch all species but cut bait was the most popular for the lake trout. Deep water had been producing more lake trout with the whitefish still biting on classic ice jigs and rigs. Try sight fishing larger holes for a new experience. Stay vigilant while on the ice and take safety precautions.

Munising Bay: There were some reports of a few coho and splake caught. Over the weekend there were a few reports of possible schools of smelt. Most anglers reported zero catches. Anglers were seeing some whitefish on cameras but no major schools. Burbot fishing continued to be slow and spotty for anglers at night.

Les Cheneaux/Munuscong Bay: A few perch were caught in Hessel Bay, along with a few splake being caught in Wilderness Bay. They were also catching a few perch in Musky and Urie bays. Anglers were catching a few perch at Conley Point, but the fish were mostly on the smaller side. Anglers were catching a few walleye at Dan’s Resort.


Fishing Tip: Stay safe when ice fishing in early spring

  • Toward the end of the season, ice becomes rotten and soft. Although ice may still be more than a foot thick, it might not be strong enough to hold someone safely.
  • Don’t forget to keep carrying the appropriate safety items, such as ice picks and a throw rope. And remember to wear a personal flotation device when heading out.
  • Continue to use the buddy system and have someone with you to help if you fall through the ice.
  • Carry a fully charged cell phone in a waterproof plastic bag. Make sure it is easily accessible in case of an emergency.
  • Pay attention to the weather. If it hasn’t been consistently cold or if there has been a lot of wind, you can’t guarantee there will be solid ice to head out on.

For more safety tips, visit

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