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UP Notable Book Club presents virtual Q&A with author Ellen Airgood June 9, 2022

UP Notable Book Club:  the Crystal Falls Community District Library in partnership with the U.P. Publishers & Authors Association (UPPAA) has scheduled author events with winners of the UP Notable Book List. The 18th event is with Ellen Airgood whose novel Tin Camp Road is an endearing novel of an everyday single mom and her child struggling to find happiness and make ends meet in a small town on Lake Superior. The events are open to all U.P. residents free of charge. Read the complete review at U.P. Book Review.

When: Thursday, June 9th, 2022 at 7pm Eastern / 6pm Central
Where:  on the Zoom platform — please contact Evelyn Gathu in advance by, or by phone (906) 875-3344.  We recommend you borrow a copy of these books from your local library or purchase from your local bookseller in advance to get the most out of these events.

ELLEN AIRGOOD grew up on a farm in Michigan’s thumb, where her favorite things to do were read books, ride horses, swing in her tire swing, and write stories. She almost left the University of Michigan after her first year to go back home and farm, but did return to school after her parents offered to cosign the loan for the new fencing she’d need to raise beef cattle on their eighty acres, the only crop they considered feasible. (She was a vegetarian at the time.) She graduated with a Bachelor’s Science from the School of Natural Resources and Environment and now lives on the shore of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula, where she writes and owns a diner along with her husband. She is the author of three novels published by Penguin Books, including Michigan Notable Book and Midwest Bestseller, South of Superior the award-winning Prarie Evers, a Bank Street Best Book for middle-grade readers. Her work also appears in The Way North: New Upper Peninsula WritingsHere: Women Writing on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula,  and the upcoming Bob Seger’s House. Learn more at

Airgood, who owns a diner in Grand Marais, Michigan, might be called the UP’s version of bestselling novelist Anne Tyler because she writes about real people, living real and often messy lives, in realistic places. In this case, her main character, Laurel Hill, lives in the small tourist town of Gallion on Lake Superior’s shore, where she makes a living cleaning motel rooms, working for the people who now own her own family’s home, and generally struggling to make a living as a single mother. Her daughter, Skye, is ten years old and a creative, intelligent spirit who is the center of Laurel’s life.

Nor is Tin Camp Road a story all about sadness and difficulties. Skye and Laurel have a special relationship that is really filled with some wonderful moments of love, trust, and just having fun. While other adults don’t always understand their situation, mother and daughter know they belong together and their bond of love is unbreakable. The Upper Peninsula is depicted accurately in the novel. Airgood obviously knows and loves the area, not painting it at all as idyllic, yet reflecting its beauty, its power, its economic struggles, and the dangers that can exist from living along Lake Superior. Tyler Tichelaar, U.P. Book Review


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